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a living space wildly & uniquely you

We transform plain old places into unforgettable spaces.

This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper or your grandfather’s renovation plan.

More than a home

our design philosophy

At Hive Properties and Home Solutions, we love creating spaces. Homes. Hives. We see your sacred spaces in a way others don’t, with a flair for innovation, function, color, pattern, and fun. From conceptualizing layouts to installation, we are involved in every aspect of the process. Our unique hands-on approach ensures you get just what you have been looking for: a living space wildly and uniquely you. 

Your Hive.

Hive Properties and Home Solutions is a cooperative of skilled design professionals – a true "hive mind" – who collaborate to make your abstract interior dreams a nuts, bolts, drywall, paint and wallcovering reality. Fawn Fisher founded Hive with a mission to breathe new life into homes and living spaces, always keeping the end buyer in mind. 

meet The Hive Mind

Who are we?

Hive Properties and Home Solutions is a proud member of the Wallcovering Installers Association, the only trade association dedicated exclusively to the interests and needs of wallcovering installers and those involved in the craft.

We install luxury wall coverings for interior designers, builders, graphic printers, local artists and homeowners. 

Professional luxury Wallpaper Installation

Custom designed interiors for both homeowners and businesses in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas.

Complete design consultations from concept to installation.

interior design

We are a leading wallcovering installer in Alabama backed by the Wallcovering Installers Association

wallpaper installation

Step 3: Installation. Hive is a one stop shop! We oversee the installation our designs. Our hands-on approach ensures the end result reflects the vision.

Bringing your ideas to life, from start to finish.

our hands-on approach


Step 1: Consultation. Do you have an idea that you want to bring to life? To create a space that is uniquely yours, we first get to know your vision, needs, and goals for the space.

Step 2: Conceptualization. Hive will design your space, from colors and patterns to furnishings and finishes. We work meticulously to achieve your dream!

where it all began

Meet the founder, fawn fisher

Fawn Fisher is a dynamic visionary and entrepreneur with a strong aesthetic skillset and an intuition for investing in real estate. Fawn was born in the Philippines, spent much of her childhood in Texas, and then went on to live in several places throughout the nation before coming to Birmingham in 2012. Perhaps living in all those diverse areas sharpened her love of unique design styles, but her desire to create novel and inviting living spaces was innate. Fawn was born with it.

"When I was in elementary school, I would race home to drag all the furniture I could onto my back porch, where I spent hours designing new living rooms and spaces. I'd have all the furniture back in place just in time for my mom to get home and never know about the porch design projects (sorry, Mom, if you’re just now learning this...) and I'd be back at it the next day, moving chairs outside and looking for ways to create more innovative and novel designs."

Let her share some of that magic with you.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Fawn is a proud mother and stepmother to 6 children and a devoted wife to her husband, Kevin Fisher. Don’t get her started on her boxer, Joe. He is, in fact, the best dog ever (although she totally gets that your dog is also the best dog ever; both of those things can be true).

Fawn's professional dream was to create a magical place where she can constantly transform spaces into welcoming works of art. Hive Properties & Home Solutions is her dream come true.


"We are so pleased with our wallpaper experience with HIVE. 
Wonderful advice on paper companies. Fawn even suggested we turn a closet into a Dry Bar, and what a fun project it ended up being! Even though our project was small, we felt like we were the most important clients! Very professional and personable at the same time."

“I’m so thankful my designer recommended Fawn to install wallpaper in my home! She was more than professional and had extensive knowledge about installation. She gave me great ideas on design that I hadn’t thought about previously. Fawn completed my project quickly with great attention to detail and we are so pleased with the end result!”

Allison Greenlaugh

Stephanie Clowers

"Fawn and her team did a wonderful job with my powder room remodel.  Everything about the process was smooth and transparent.  I was provided with a clear and detailed estimate prior to the job.  Her team was prompt, friendly, and efficient.  I look forward to working with Hive Properties again in the future!"

"Fawn was a pleasure to deal with, she was courteous, prompt and detail oriented. We were renovating a public use space and she worked easily within our parameters. She was so organized and clean we were able to remain open during her install. I highly recommend Fawn and her company Hive."

Annemarie Gray

Patpat Gachet

“Fawn did 2 jobs here and my wife and daughter (the perfectionist) were thrilled. Highly recommend her as a very skilled professional.“ 

"I am so pleased with my wallpaper installed by Fawn! From booking the installation to the final result, I give everything 5 stars! We are very pleased."

Alan Friday

Heather Baker

"I highly recommend Fawn! Not only does she do phenomenal work, she is extremely professional, efficient and respectful of the homeowner. Fawn keeps her work area clean and it is spotless when she leaves. Any questions you have about products or the process, she can easily answer and she is able to make suggestions. I look forward to working with Fawn again in the near future."

"Working with Fawn was a joy and so easy. She's not only easy to communicate with but also incredibly knowledgeable about wallpaper. She answered all of my questions. A year after her fabulous job, the wallpaper still looks amazing. If it were up to me, I'd have Fawn wallpaper my entire house! Thank you, Fawn, for your excellent work – highly recommended!"

Mary Carson

Kim Denard

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